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Moving Home Can Be Frustrating

FrustrationMoving from your current home and comfort zone to another can be very frustrating. The process starts with looking for a new house and a buyer for your previous house. The process of buying and selling includes different agents. It might be hard to deal with these different people. The process including clearing the paperwork is hectic and sometimes, it can ruin the whole process. Even though you have a plan to move, it is good to prepare for extension in case the process stalls. Moving home leads to loss of property and other extra costs. Below are some reasons why people might find moving stressful.

Cost of moving

The cost of moving a house depends on different aspects. These include distance, volume of furniture and the cost of hiring furniture removalists. It is difficult to get a standard cost of moving. This is because different movers have different price lists. Many movers will charge in hourly rates. This means that the higher the speed the lower the cost. It is good to identify an approach, which will be fair to both the customer and the mover. Hiring a full service can be expensive, and therefore, you can cut down the expenses by packing the items on your own.

Buying a new home and legal processes

The process starts with identifying a premise and arranging any financial obligations. Again, it is good to purchase a house, which is within your budget. There are other ways of purchasing a house, which include:

  • Auctions
  • Private Sale
  • Off The Plan

After deciding the ideal purchase option, the buyer should inspect the seller’s contract of sale. This is not an easy process. The buyer can either decide to cancel the contract in case some valuable information is missing. This process is not easy and can stall even at the final stages. The legal procedures are too long and each you should handle each step keenly.

High costs of properties

High Costs of MovingThe increase of property costs have been because of appreciating nature of land. The demand of housing facilities is increasing with time. This price for houses varies from different towns. The net increase in the cost of housing in as follows

  • Sydney -12.2%
  • Brisbane -5.3%
  • Melbourne -4.5%
  • Adelaide – 2.5%
  • Hobart – 2.2%
  • Canberra – 1.7%

This is according to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report of 2014. Many people think that overvaluing of assets is affecting the market. This cost cause frustrations to the buyers.

Estate agents

During the process of moving, you will likely have to interact with different real estate agents. One will help in selling your property while the other one for buying a new home. This interaction might not be smooth as you intend. The process is prone to delays and misunderstanding. It is also hard to get genuine estate agents or brokers. All these issues lead to discomfort and stress. It is good to have good preparations before starting the process.

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